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Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Program

Equal Employment Opportunity

Phone: 210.295.2632


Equal Employment Opportunity Mission: The Equal Employment Opportunity Program directly supports RHC-C(P) Headquarters and the medical treatment facilities within the command. Our mission is to assist leadership in promoting fairness and equality throughout the command by program implementation and monitoring of EEO plans, policies, processes and practices. Through training and education, our goal is to promote a work environment, free of discrimination and harassment within RHC-C(P).


Purpose: To ensure everyone will be given every opportunity to develop professionally and personally free from prejudice and discrimination. Leaders will ensure the command climate encourages everyone to freely identify and report discrimination without the threat of intimidation or reprisal. Everyone is expected to take swift and positive steps to help eradicate biased behaviors and discriminatory practices.


Reasonable Accommodation

A reasonable accommodation applies to employees for non-work related long-term or permanent disabilities. The reasonable accommodation process is an interactive and flexible process between employees and management officials.


A reasonable accommodation is a change in the work environment that would enable an individual to enjoy equal employment opportunities. An essential element of reasonable accommodation is the interaction between the employee and management to ensure consideration of alternatives, options and potential solutions are explored to meet the needs of the agency and the employee.


Reasonable Accommodation Training Slides (Powerpoint)

DA Reasonable Accommodation Procedures (PDF)

Appendix B - Request for Reasonable Accommodation (Word doc)

10 Steps to Follow When an Employee Requests RA (Word doc)

Civil Human Resources Agency (PDF)


Useful Links

EEO Desk Guide (PDF)

Do I go to the EO, SHARP, EEO or IG office? (PDF)

Key Equal Employment Opportunity Terms (PDF)

EEO Training Opportunities (PDF)

No Fear Act Notice (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)


RHC-C Commander's Policies

RHC-C EEO Policy Letter (PDF)


Army Regulations

AR 690-600: Equal Employment Opportunity Discrimination Complaints

AR 600-23: Non Discrimination in Federally Assisted Programs

AR 690-12: EEO and Affirmative Action

AR 600-7: Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Handicap in Programs and Activities Assisted or Conducted by the Department of the Army

AR 672-20 Incentive Awards

AR 690-200: Chapter 254: Civilian Personnel Administration and Equal Employment Opportunity Support

DA PAM 690-36: A Civilian Personnel Office Guide and Equal Employment Opportunity Guide to Commercial Activities

AR 690-950: Civilian Personnel Career Management


Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Directives

MD-110: Federal Sector Complaint Processing Manual

MD-715: EEO Reporting Requirements for Federal Agencies



Other EEO Related Material: CAC Access Required


All RHC-C EEO policy letters and other related data can be found on the RHC-C Portal.


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