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Managerial Accounting

The Managerial Accountant acts as accounting subject matter expert for the region and serves as liaison between 10 GPRMC MTFs & Defense Finance and Accounting System / Rome-Operating Location. This function entails monitoring and evaluating goals, objectives and responsibilities of the GPRMC financial management program to insure maintenance on an effective and efficient manner in accordance with sound management practices.

The accountant devises and recommends the adoption of procedures, budgetary processes, policies and regulations issued by higher commands and also performs analysis and reconciliation’s related to the most complex accounting operations, ie. General ledger, Cost accounting, Deposit funds, Trust funds, Suspense and Receipt accounts. Data from MTFs for financial and program objectives is continually reviewed, verified and analyzed for consistency.

Policies and regulations are maintained and implemented in accordance with financial tracking systems to facilitate overall MTF operations.

  Key Roles & Responsibilities 

  • Systems Specialist: The RMC Managerial Accountant has oversight of HQDA prescribed systems STANFINS, DCPS, ASIMS, PBAS, ATLAS, DARS, SRD-I, dbCAS, FMIS and ODS standardized financial management systems and utilizes those systems to prepare recurring and ad hoc statistical reports on the status of funds and expenses and obligations. Also, assists MTFs with interpreting accounting data & coordinates with disbursement activities/payment offices to resolve RMC-wide or MTF-specific problematic areas. The RMC initiates and coordinates corrective actions when DFAS finance records disagree with MTF records. In addition, ensures MTF POC training on these sophisticated automated financial tracking systems.
  • Joint Reviews: Joint reviews are conducted with program managers at subordinate commands and MEDCOM to address and resolve financial management problems, issues and concerns.
  • Joint Review Phase I Certification to DFAS NLT Feb 01

    Joint Review Phase II Certification to DFAS NLT Noon, 23 May 2007

    Joint Review Phase III Certification to DFAS, TBD later

    & Certification of Year End Reports NLT Oct 01

    Note: DFAS has not published their schedule, so exact dates are not known

  • Accounting Policies: The RMC provides professional and technical advice to the GPRMC MTFs and OPLOC management officials on compliance with and interpretation and implementation of requirements relevant to the Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act (FMFIA) , the Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Act and Public Law. In addition, advises MTFs on impacts of accounting policy changes on operation results. DFAS-IN Manual 37-100-2007, DFAS-IN Reg 37-1, DOD Financial Management Regulations. To locate these regulations, manuals and other Resource Management publications, please click here, and select'D'.
  • Accounting Processing Codes: Performs, directs and monitors general expense accounting, cost accounting, workload and manpower accounting. Coordinates the assignment of Accounting Processing Codes (APC) and provides interpretation of the Army Management Structure definitions.
  • Troubleshooting: The Managerial Accountant discusses related issues with a wide variety of customers including resource managers, MEDCOM, management and functional staffs at DFAS Headquarters and Centers. Coordination is required with representatives of central disbursement activities, payment offices and subordinate commands in researching and resolving "unmatched disbursement" situations and for determining appropriate accounting disposition actions.



  • Access to Rome Community: Send an email to DRO-Eportal-Accounts@DFAS.Mil to request access to the Rome Community on the EPortal and join the EXT-Rome user group.  When you receive an email back granting you the permission you will then be able to connect with all of the people at DFAS-Rome that service you as well as get up to date information on items of interest at DFAS-Rome.
  • DFAS-Rome/MEDCOM FY2007 YEAR-END Symposium Schedule for 7-8 August 2007 with registration being done thru the EPortal.
  • DFAS Home: DFAS mission is to provide responsive, professional finance and accounting services to the Department of Defense.  Click here to learn more about DFAS at or to go directly to DFAS-Rome. 
  • The Defense Travel System (DTS) Paperless travel automation for all travel processes from the TDY reservation to the voucher settlement state is working wonders for government travelers even though at the present time commitment data isn’t flowing to the accounting database (DbCAS).  DTS is compliant with all privacy act requirements, protects travel documents and Personal Profile information by allowing the DTA to limit traveler and AO access. 
  • Vendor Pay: You can click DFAS to find out if a payment is being made or is still pending at.  At a minimum, you will need the contract number. You will not get detailed information but it will tell you if payment is not being made. If you require further information, contact DFAS-Rome Customer Service at 1-800-553-0527 or e-mail Rome-vendorpay@dfas.mil. When sending an e-mail request for information, use the Purchase Order number as the SUBJECT. 
  • Wide Area Work Flow Is a Department of Defense (DoD) web-based application used to create and submit invoices and receiving reports electronically.  It ensures you are in compliance with the Electronic Invoicing Law (DFARS 252.232-7003). It is available via Internet 24/7 and it should result in more timely payments of invoices and no more lost documents.
  • Mandatory Use of Government Travel Cards Department of the Army Letter signed on 12 July 2005 by John J. Argodale, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army concerns Army Travel Card Program – Mandatory Use of Individually Billed Accounts (IBA) to Pay for Official Temporary Duty (TDY) Travel. 

Effective, no later than October 1, 2005, Army policy is amended to require use of IBA for all official travel expenses for all military and non-bargaining unit employees.  For employees that are members of bargaining units, the change is effective upon completion of local bargaining obligations.  This policy change permits continued use of the Centrally Billed Account (CBA) for transportation costs for those who do not have a travel card.  Click here for detail.

  • Travel Voucher Review

The Joint Travel Regulation (JTR) was recently changed to require that a Travel Approving Official sign both military and civilian travel settlement vouchers (DD Form 1351-2).  References for this guidance is the Joint Travel Regulation (JTR), paragraph C5006 and Travel Tech Message 99-22 dated 13 Oct 99.

On 28 Oct 99, further guidance was received per Travel Tech Message 99-23 dated 28 Oct 99, establishing the Supervisory Review requirement for military members instead of the requirement to have their vouchers signed by a Travel Approving Official.

The Supervisory Review for military members is not intended as a payment computation, nor is it for approval of items on the claim requiring specific approval. This review ensures that the claim is complete and proper, and complies with the intent of the orders.

After completion of travel, military members will submit their vouchers to their commander/supervisor (or designated representative when the commander/supervisor is unavailable) for review. For a PCS travel settlement voucher, the Reviewer is the In and Out Processing individual receiving the voucher from the traveler.

After the Reviewer reviews the voucher, the Reviewer places the notation "Reviewed (date)" and signs over his/her printed name in the upper right corner of the DD Form 1351-2. The Reviewer will not, repeat, will not, use block 21 or block 22a (depending on the version of the 1351-2 being used) for this signature.

Travel settlement vouchers requiring specific approval must have the Travel Approving Official authorize the after-the-fact items in block 29 of the DD Form 1351-2 and sign in block 21 or block 22a (depending on the version of the DD Form 1351-2 being used. Additional supervisory review is not required, as the Travel Approving Official has the authority to review the voucher.

Signature cards, DD Form 577, are not required for individuals performing the Commander/Supervisory Review. Signature cards are still required for individuals appointed as Travel Approving Officials.

Since conversion from DFAS-SA to DFAS-Rome, all travel settlement vouchers must be sent to DFAS-Indianapolis:

Travel Pay Services
Attn: Dept 3700
8899 East 56th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46249-3777

Email Address for Scanned Vouchers: TravelOpns@DFAS.MIL

Travel Customer Help Desk: 1-888-332-7366, available Monday thru Friday, 7:30AM to 6:00PM, Eastern Standard Time.

FAX Numbers:  (317) 510-3913
                        (317) 510-3914
                        (317) 510-4124  

Email Address for Questions and Inquiries:  DFAS-IN.Travel@DFAS.mil    (Turn around time is 48 hours)

Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS): 1-888-332-7366, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (Requires social security number and MYPay Pin Number.)