U.S. Army Medical Department, Office of the Surgeon General
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Assistant Chief of Staff Logistics

Assistant Chief of Staff Logistics

210-295-2476 (DSN 421)

Serves as the senior logistics advisor to the Commanding General Regional Health Command-Central (Provisional).  Provides staff supervision, management, and direction for logistics operations.  Click here to access logistics documents on the RHC-C(P) Intranet

Logistics Systems

POC 210-295-2483 (DSN 421)

Serves as the focal point for providing daily technical operational guidance on current and future medical materiel logistics systems to include, but not limited to the Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS), Business system Modernization, Purchase Request on the Web (PR Web), DMLSS Customer Assistance Module (DCAM).


POC 210-295-2394 (DSN 421)

Designs and implements processes and programs that define SRMC logistics readiness support requirements and develop the plan and align capabilities to respond to these requirements.  These requirements include PPP & PSP missions, designation of contingency support missions such as Reach Logistics, SMART Teams, or hospital expansion; specific support between SRMC MTFs and Department of Defense logistics infrastructure (USAMMA, DSCP, JFCOM); and homeland security.  Works with MTF Log Divisions to clarify requirements, develop the response plan and ensure capability matches requirements. 


POC 210-295-2478 (DSN 421)

Serves as the command authority in the Medical Care Support Equipment (MEDCASE), super CEEP, (Capital Expense Equipment Program), CEEP,  and Initial Outfitting (I - O) programs.  Assists supported activities with identification of requirements, technology assessment, specification development, funding, and acquisition. Manages the command medical/surgical supply Prime Vendor program.

Property Management

POC 210-295-2938 (DSN 421)

Provide guidance and oversight on property accountability, using the DMLSS Equipment Management module, to ensure proper use, care, safeguarding, control, custody, disposal, and replacement of equipment. Procedures include maintaining property book and supporting document files; issue and turn-in transactions of property on hand receipts; performance of physical inventories, and Financial Liability Investigation of Property Losses. Functional areas include receiving, storage, issue, transfer, and disposal of equipment. 

Medical Maintenance

POC 210-295-2938 (DSN 421)

Provides oversight for medical maintenance for all regional MTF’s.  Reviews the monthly medical maintenance performance indicator reports to identify trends and areas for improvement.  Conducts OIP and pre CLRT staff assistant visits. Coordinates special regional projects, programs, and performs specialized technical oversight and monitoring of FDA/JCAHO compliance involved in the installation and management of biomedical equipment.  Interprets engineering and vendor information, schematic diagrams, and graphic illustrations utilizing clinical physiologic and electronic principles.  Evaluates the MTF’s within the region for a systematic preventive maintenance program pertaining to biomedical equipment, preventive maintenance records, and prepare reports as required.