U.S. Army Medical Department, Office of the Surgeon General
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Great Plains Regional Contracting Office (GPRCO)

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Army Single Face To Industry (ASFI)

Army Single Face To Industry (ASFI)
From this site you can get Army solicitations that are open.

Army Standard Procurement System (SPS)
The SPS Automates installation contracting offices throughout the Army.


AT&L Knowledge Sharing System (AKSS) (Formally Defense Acquisition Deskbook (DAD) From this site you can access the FAR, DFAR and other FAR supplements.


Corps of Engineers Automated Legal System (CEALS) 
The CEALS is a collection of systems that integrates and coordinates critical management information to include the Wage Determinations On-Line (WDOL) Program

CHCC logo

Center For Health Care Contracting (CHCC)
The CHCC provides business advice, medical acquisition support and centralized medical services and supply contracts. 

Contractor Central Registration (CCR)

Central Contractor Registration (CCR)
All vendors who do business with the Government are required to be registered with CCR.  It allows the government to pay vendors electronically.


Defense Finance & Accounting Services (DFAS) 
From this site you can research vendor pay information.

Banner: Defense Logicstics Information Service: A Defense Logistics Agency Activity Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS)
Defense Logistics Information Service is dedicated to provide worldwide logistics support (including FSG, FSC, PSC data) throughout the Department of Defense.
DPAP logo Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy (DPAP)
The DPAP develops, promotes, and champions innovative Defense policies and processes for acquiring all the goods and services DoD requires to perform its mission.
Link to DASA P&P Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Policy & Procurement) (DASA P&P) 
The purpose of the DASA(P&P) site is to link the Acquisition Community with the necessary tools to do their job.

Dunn & Bradstreet (DNB)

Dunn & Bradstreet (DNB)
From this site you can determine if you have a DNB number or apply to get one.  A DNB number is needed when registering with the CCR.

EPLS - Excluded Parties List System Excluded Parties List System (EPLS)
The EPLS is the electronic version of the Lists of Parties Excluded from Federal Procurement and Nonprocurement Programs (Lists).
Hill AFB FARSite Link Federal Acquisition Regulation Site (FARSite)
The FARSite is The Contracting Laboratory's one stop shop for all your acquisition resources to include Virtual Tools (VTools).

Fedbiz Ops Link

Federal Business Opportunities
This site provides you all types of business opportunities for the Federal Government.

GSA Advantage!...Working for the US Government General Services Administration (GSA)
GSA Advantage! is the one convenient place where you can order GSA supplies and services with confidence that you're FAR compliant. 

iMAP Team Link

Innovative Medical Acquisition Program Team (iMAP)  
The iMAP is a part of the United States Army Medical Command's, Health Care Acquisition Activity. iMAP's trademark is the ability to provide high quality health care providers, using quick-response, cost effective acquisition vehicles.
Link to the Seven Steps Seven Steps to Performance Based-Services Acquisition (PBSC)
This virtual guide breaks down performance-based service acquisition into seven easy steps, complete with "stories" (case studies). It is intended to make the subject of PBSC accessible for all. 
SBA Small Business Administration (SBA)
he SBA maintains and strengthens the nation's economy by aiding, counseling, assisting and protecting the interests of small businesses.
Image of PRO-Net Logo Small Business Administration Pro-Net (SBA PRO-Net)
Pro-Net is an electronic gateway of procurement information for and about small businesses. It is a search engine for contracting officers, a marketing tool for small firms and a "link" to procurement opportunities and important information.
WAWF Link DOD Wide Area Workflow (WAWF)
WAWF is a Paperless Contracting application to eliminate paper from the receipt/acceptance and invoice/payments process of the contracting life cycles.