U.S. Army Medical Department, Office of the Surgeon General
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Great Plains Regional Contracting Office (GPRCO)

COR Information

On-line COR Mentor Program Course Instructions

FAI Logo

  1. Click on FAI picture to the left.
  2. Register and login.
  3. Select "Learning Center".
  4. Select "Course Information & Enrollment".
  5. Keep the "Topic" as "All", type in the keywords "contract officer representative" and click the "Display" button.
  6. Either two or three records will be found.  Click on the "COR Mentor Program," not the "COR Mentor Course - New Modules". 
  7. Select "Take Course" and begin the course.

Note:  The COR Mentor Program course is self-paced. Some people complete it in a few days; others prefer to spread it out over months. Complete as time permits. View your transcript data at the following location:  Administration building > Student Records > Student Transcript


Link to COR Guide.

  iMAP COR Guide