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Command Climate Survey

Command Climate Survey

Company commanders (company-level equivalent) will administer the Command Climate survey as follows:

  • Within 90 days (Active Army) or 180 days (Army national Guard, U.S. Army Reserve) of assuming command; and

  • Annually thereafter.

At their discretion company commanders may administer the survey more often and may also use additional survey instruments to assess the unit climate.  The survey is voluntary for commanders above company level.

Because this survey is first administered shortly after a change of command, the results should not be seen as a reflection upon the new commander but simply as a starting point for improving the unit's command climate.  Results are intended for the company commander only and are not reported up the chain of command.

For more information, you may view the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI)'s Organizational Climate Survey (DEOCS) informational brochure. You can view and request this survey at the following link:

Defense Equal Opportunity Climate Survey